How to Match An Existing Roof


To match trusses to an existing trussed roof, follow the steps below for an accurate fit.

1. Measure the length of the bottom chord (1.)

2. Measure the length of the overhangs not including the fascia (2.) making sure to check both sides.

3. Measure the heel height (3.) or "thickness" of the truss at the ends from the bottom of the bottom chord to the underside of the sheathing. Click on How to Measure Heel Height for more details.

4. Measure the overall height (4.) from the bottom of the bottom chord to the peak. If you cannot accurately measure this, use the How To Measure Pitch / Slope details.

5. If the peak is not centred in the middle of the truss, fill in both mesurements (5.)

6. If the walls are not located at the end of the truss measure (6.) from outside of wall to outside of wall. Note any siding or brick face.

7. Note cantilever distance (7.) from outside of wall to end of truss - not end of overhang.

Truss Matching