Engineered Hangers and Connectors

Roof Trusses and Components carries a complete line of wood to wood metal hangers by Simpson Strong-Tie. These connectors are developed to meet the changing needs of the builder who requires truss and engineered floor fastening systems.

Below are a few of the more common hangers and applications. Click for further details.

General Notes

These documents are provided by Simpson Strong-Tie and should be treated as a guide. Consult the Simpson Strong-Tie "Wood Construction Connectors" catalogue for hanger design information.

Instructions for the Installer

  1. All specified fasteners (quantity and type) must be installed according to the instructions in these installation guides and the Plated Truss catalogue. Incorrect fastener quantity, size, type, material or finish may cause hanger failure.
  2. Install all fasteners before loading the connection.
  3. Use proper safety equipment.
  4. The hanger must be sized for the truss used.
  5. Multiple trusses must be fastened together to act as a single unit.
  6. Pneumatic/power installed fasteners may deflect and injure the operator or others. Power tools may be used to install hangers, provided the correct quantity and type of nails are properly installed in the nail holes. Power tools with nail hole-locating devices should be used. Air driven palm nailers offer another installation option. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the appropriate safety equipment.
  7. Truss shall bear completely on the connector seat, gap between the truss end and the header shall not exceed 1/8".
  8. See Simpson Wood Construction Connectors Catalog for additional installation options.


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