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Heel Height


Height of the truss measured from the underside of the bottom chord of the top of the top chord at the end of the truss.


Intersection of two roof surfaces over an external corner of a building.

Hip Roof

Roof constructed with rafters or trusses pitched over all perimeter walls

Interior Bearing

Term used to describe supports which are interior to two exterior supports.


A horizontal roof or floor framing member.

King Post

Vertical web at the center of a common or gable truss, or the vertical web at the end of a mono truss.

Lateral Bracing

Members placed and connected at right angles to a chord or web members of a truss.

Live Load

Any loading which is not of a permanent nature (snow, wind, people).


Laminated Veneer Lumber


Machine stress rated lumber


A member fastened to another member by nails for reinforcement

Nail On Plate

Light gauge cold formed steel truss connector plates with pre-punched holes for manually connecting framing members.

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