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Distributed Load:

Loads spread evenly along truss members.


The flat surface located at the outer end of a roof overhang or cantilever end.

Feather Cut

A heel cut which has been made with a zero butt cut.


The portion of the roof above the eave line of a double sloped roof.

Gable Truss

A component manufactured to the profile of the mating standard truss. It has vertical “in-plane” members fastened to the chords instead of diagonal web members. It is not a structural truss and requires continuous support by a bearing wall or other load bearing element such as a beam along the bottom chord.


A roof having two slopes on each side, the lower slope usually steeper that the upper one. Generally seen on farm structures.

Girder Truss

A truss designed to carry heavy loads from the structural members framing into it. Usually a multiple ply truss.

GSL Ground Snow Load

Historical snow load data based on geographical area. Used to design carrying capacities or roof systems.


A girder (wood, composite or steel) located between stud, joist, rafter, or truss openings.


The point on the truss where the top and bottom chords intersect.

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