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Composite Lumber

A family of materials that contain wood in whole or fiber form and are bound together with an adhesive of natural or synthetic form.

Compound Cut

A double cut made across the member width.

Concentrated Load

Superimposed load centered at a given point( ie roof mounted AC unit.)

Connector Plate

Pre-punched metal toothed connectors located at the joints and splices of a truss and designed to hold the forces that occur at those locations.

Conventional Framing

Framing with conventional joists rafters and wall studs.

Cottage Roof

 Same as Hip Roof


Deformation of a structural member under constant load over time.


A ridge or drainage diverting roof framing. Generally found on the high sloped end of a chimney.

Dead Load

Any permanent load such as the weight of roofing, flooring, sheathing, insulation or ceiling material, as well as the weight of the truss itself.


Downward vertical movement of a truss (when in place) due to dead and live loads.

Design Loads

The dead and live loads which a truss is engineered to support.

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