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 Butt Joint

The interface at which the ends of two members meet in a square cut joint.


Computer aided design and drafting software


An upward curvature built into a truss bottom chord to compensate for anticipated deflection due to loading conditions.


The part of a truss that extends beyond its support, exclusive of overhang.


A lengthwise separation of wood fibres, usually extending across the rings of annual growth, caused chiefly by strains produced in seasoning.


The truss members forming the top and bottom edges of the truss.

Clear Span

Generally indicates the inside or interior frame to frame dimensions. Not to be confused with Span

Clinched Nail

 A nail selected to be longer than the member it is driven through and which is bent back the dimension of its excess length.

Clipped Truss

Same as Stub Truss

Collar Beam

Wooden member connecting opposite roof rafters.

Collar Tie

A horizontal member placed between two rafters a specific vertical distance above the top plate for the purpose of limiting outward thrust of the rafters.

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